How to load the extensions panel (GI)

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If you launch Adobe Photoshop and then realize that extensions didn't load properly, including Geographic Imager, it may be due to a setting in Adobe Photoshop Preferences. Go to Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins. Locate the ‘Load Extension Panels’ in the Filter and Extension Panels group. If it is unchecked, it prevents all extension panels from loading and the Window > Extensions menu is grayed out and prevents users from opening extension panels manually. When this preference is checked, the Geographic Imager panel will load on start-up.

Even though the panel isn't loaded, the Geographic Imager plug-in is still loaded and its tools can be accessed through the File > Automate menu. To allow Adobe Photoshop to load the panel, check the ‘Load Extension Panels’ in the Preferences dialog box and restart Photoshop for the changes to take effect.