How to Upgrade Your License

MAPublisher Welcome Screen


It's exciting when a new version of MAPublisher is released! However, after upgrading you might come across a license status indicated as "License version too low" in the MAPublisher Welcome screen (above) or the License Management dialog box (below). Why? This is most likely due to not obtaining a license for the latest version of MAPublisher yet.

Obtaining a new license for MAPublisher depends on which license system you currently use. There are two types: fixed license system and floating license system. Each system is explained below:

Fixed license system


The fixed license system allows only one MAPublisher license to be used with one specific computer. Also, a MAPublisher user with a fixed license system has obtained a valid MAPublisher license key when purchased. The license key for MAPublisher 9.x starts with "MP9-".

How to upgrade MAPublisher license for a fixed license system:

Option 1: Click the Retrieve button in the Welcome screen or License Management dialog box. If your computer can connect to the Avenza license server successfully, you will obtain the license for the latest version of MAPublisher.

Option 2: If your computer is protected behind a firewall or some other security software, you will see an error message after clicking the Retrieve button indicating that there was a connection problem. If this happens, you can obtain a license file manually from the Avenza Activation web page. Once the form is complete, you will receive an e-mail from Avenza License Server ( with your license file and instructions on where to put it.


Floating license system


The floating license system allows one MAPublisher license to be shared with multiple computers on the same network. You can "share" a license but it does not mean that more than one person can use MAPublisher at the same time if you only have one floating license purchased. In order to "share" a floating MAPublisher license, a user must "check out" during use and "check in" when not in use so that another person can use MAPublisher on another computer. The license is maintained by a computer with the network server (usually an IT department of one organization).

How to upgrade MAPublisher license for the floating license system:

Ask your IT professional or network administrator to upgrade the floating license file for MAPublisher. Contact the Avenza Activation department ( with the current server IP address, host name, and ethernet address of the server (a.k.a. machine ID). Once the necessary information is confirmed, the Avenza Activation department will send a new license file for the latest MAPublisher version.

MAPublisher License Management Dialog Window