Updating Geographic Imager and Photoshop (GI)

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What should you do before updating either Geographic Imager or Adobe Photoshop? The main answer is: check compatibility. However, we often receive common questions in Avenza Support as to why Geographic Imager does not work after updating to the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC. Here are a few notes that may help you out:

1: Check your Geographic Imager Maintenance Program (GMP) status

The first question we ask our customers is whether or not their Geographic Imager Maintenance Program (GMP) is active. If you have an activate subscription status, you are entitled to receive help from our support team and free Geographic Imager upgrades. If your GMP subscription has expired or is about to expire, contact Avenza Sales (sales@avenza.com) to renew your subscription. If you use Geographic Imager in a floating license system, you may want to contact your system administrator for the status of your GMP subscription.


2: Check your Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop compatibility

The second question we ask consists of two parts: (1) from which version did you upgrade Adobe Photoshop and (2) which version of Adobe Photoshop did you upgrade to? The compatibility of Geographic Imager differs depending on the version of Adobe Photoshop installed. Take a look at the Geographic Imager compatibility matrix for more detailed information.

Example: you upgraded from Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 to CC 2017 with Geographic Imager 5.1 already installed. Since Geographic Imager 5.1 isn't compatible with CC 2017, you must upgrade to Geographic Imager 5.2.


3: What to do if your GMP Subscription status is active

If you have an active GMP subscription status, you are entitled to receive a free upgrade of Geographic Imager. When the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud is released, we generally release a compatible Geographic Imager version soon after. We will inform you through the Avenza website and email or social media communication.

After updating Adobe Photoshop on your computer, run the Geographic Imager installer to ensure that every Geographic Imager component is installed properly. During the installation, Adobe may remove some of the Geographic Imager components and it may cause an issue that Geographic Imager won't run after upgrading Adobe Photoshop.


4: What to do if your GMP Subscription is expired

If you don't have an active GMP subscription, but you already upgraded your Adobe Photoshop which is not compatible with the latest version of Geographic Imager, you will have to do one of the options below.

Option 1
Contact sales@avenza.com to purchase or activate your GMP subscription so that you will be able to get the free upgrade of Geographic Imager.

Option 2
If you decided not to renew your GMP subscription, you will have to go back to the previous version of Adobe Photoshop. Read here on how to install a previous version of Adobe Photoshop. Alternatively, you can download and install a previous version separately.

After installing a previous version of Adobe Photoshop, run the Geographic Imager installer compatible with it.

We hope this information helps if you see any issue with Geographic Imager after an Adobe Photoshop update. It's best practice to check the Avenza website, email communications or social media before updating either software. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the Avenza Technical Support Form.