CC2018 Illustrator Rasterization Error (MP)

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We are aware of an issue that impacts Adobe Illustrator CC2018 only when exporting data that has to be rasterized.  The result of this error is that the data is exported with breaks and/or distortion in the image.  Adobe has been made aware of this problem, and we will be updating users when it is resolved (will require an update to Illustrator, not MAPublisher). 

The tools impacted in MAPublisher are:
- Export Document to Image
- Export Document to Geopackage
- Export Document to Web Tiles
- Export to Avenza Maps

Adobe's native Export function (File > Export > Export as...) is also impacted by this. 
The settings that cause this problem in combination are:
- the use of Anti-Aliasing when exporting (if disabled, the file seems to export correctly);
- high DPI (if set lower, everything seems to export correctly); 
- large data size; and
- large artboard dimensions

If users need to use Anti-Aliasing, in combination with high DPI, and other settings, to export using one of the above-mentioned tools, we recommend that users use Adobe Illustrator CS6 or CC2019.