MAPublisher 10 Licensing Information (MP)

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MAPublisher 10 Release – Licensing Information for Maintained Customers


Fixed Licenses

Starting with MAPublisher 10, license keys will begin with 'MP-'. For example, if your MAPublisher 9 license key is MP9-123ABC456DEF, it should automatically* change to MP-123ABC456DEF. If you have active maintenance, there's no need to request a new license key. Install MAPublisher 10, go to Help > MAPublisher Licensing > License Management, and click the 'Retrieve' button to activate the program.

*If MAPublisher fails to locate your old MP9 license key for whatever reason, you will need to manually enter your new key in this dialog. Your new key is the same as your old key without the 9 in the 3rd position from the left.

Floating Licenses

Ensure that client computers have at least MAPublisher 9.9.2 or MAPublisher 10 installed before updating to a MAPublisher 10 floating license, as MAPublisher 9.9.1 and earlier are incompatible. If your floating license setup involves clients with mixed installations, contact us directly to request a new floating license. You will need to request a new floating license file in all cases for your server.