Licensing 101

This article details some common licensing questions and troubleshooting tips that users may encounter when using MAPublisher or Geographic Imager.

1 - What is the difference between a fixed license and a floating license?

A fixed license is a single license that is registered to one computer.  A floating license is a license file for a specified number of “seats” (number of users) that lives in a server-type environment.  A floating license allows users to “check-out” an available license regardless of what computer they are using, as long as they can connect to the network hosting the license file.

2 - What is a roaming license?

A roaming license is an option for floating licenses that allow users to check-out a license and leave the host network for a specified amount of time.  At a basic level, it essentially creates a temporary fixed license for the computer being used.

3 - I bought a new fixed license, how do I activate it?

If you just purchased a new license, to activate it using the software, please open MAPublisher or Geographic Imager on the computer you wish to have the license registered to and under the License Management window select Register and follow the steps provided.  In this window, you will need to provide the license key you received (starts with “MP”). Once registered the license file will automatically be created and placed in the appropriate directory. Please do not move this license file as it will cause the software to stop working.  To register the software using the License Management window you will need to ensure you have an internet connection.
If the computer you are using does not have internet access, you can still register your license, but this process will require a few extra steps using an external source that does have access to the internet.  This process, which is often called Manual activation/registration, will require you to visit our website at:
Once here, you will enter the details of your license including, version and license number, as well as the machine ID for the computer you are using.  If this is a new computer to register you will also be prompted to enter in additional details such as name, address and email address. Please ensure the email address is valid as once complete, you will be sent an email with the license file and instructions on where to place it for the computer you registered.

4 - I switched computers, how do I move my license to a new computer?

If you have a new computer and need to move your MAPublisher or Geographic Imager license, please use the links below to request a transfer:
Maintenance subscribers (free to transfer) -
Non-maintenance subscribers or maintenance that has expired (fee associated) -

5 - I uninstalled and reinstalled MAPublisher or Geographic Imager and need to retrieve the license file for a previously activated license, how do I do this?

In the case where you had to uninstall and reinstall the software, or any other scenario where you need to retrieve a license file for previously activated software, you can do this one of two ways.
The first way is through the License Management window (requires an internet connection) within MAPublisher or Geographic Imager.  From this window, click the Retrieve button, and any license files registered to that computer will be retrieved and put in the correct directory.  
If you do not have an internet connection on the computer running MAPublisher or Geographic Imager, the second option to getting your license is to retrieve it manually using an alternate computer.  To do this, please go to the following website:
Once here, enter in the appropriate details including software, version and machine ID for the computer that the license is registered to.  You will automatically be emailed the license file and instructions on where to place it to the email we have on file from when the license was originally activated.

6 - I would like to upgrade my current license to the new major version of MAPublisher or Geographic Imager, how do I do this?

Users who have active maintenance are able to upgrade their MAPublisher or Geographic Imager license for free.  This upgrade process is required for major releases only and is not necessary for point releases (e.g. 9.x to 10.x).  To request an upgraded license please fill out the form found here with the appropriate information: