Troubleshooting Fixed Licenses

Below are some of the commonly encountered issues users may encounter when using a fixed license.  If you don’t see the issue you are experiencing here, or the solution provided does not resolve the problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the support form provided at the side.

1. The license key specified has already been licensed to another machine.

If you receive this error when entering/registering a fixed license key, there are a couple of things to check:
  • Ensure that you are using the proper license key with no errors in the entry
  • Ensure that you are not trying to register a license on a new computer that has previously been used on another computer before

2. The license key specified is not authorized for this release of MAPublisher. 

This error usually occurs when there is an error in the license code.  Please ensure that you are entering the code correctly.  If the problem persists, please reach out to for further assistance.

3. The licensing service was unable to connect to the licensing server

This error is usually due to a network or firewall connection issue.  Please see the steps below to resolve:
  • Ensure that the machine you are trying to use has a strong internet connection
  • Check for any firewalls that could be blocking communication with the Avenza servers
  • Consult with your IT Administrator to alter any firewalls or network connection issues
If the issue persists or you are using a computer that cannot connect to the internet,  you can manually register the software and retrieve a license through our website

4. Unable to create license at…

If you are receiving this error, it likely means that you do not have full administrator privileges on your computer to write the license file to the required location.  To resolve this:
  • Check the permissions for the license folder and change if necessary.  To find the correct folder, right click on the license in the License Management window and select “Browse to license folder”
  • Run Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher as administrator by right-clicking on the desktop icon, or in the start menu and select “Run as Administrator”
If you are still having issues, please check with your system administrator to ensure the appropriate permissions are set for your computer account

5. The fixed license key will begin with ‘MP-’ or ‘MP9-’ and License Key text is red

This error is caused when entering an incorrect license key.  Please double check the key you are entering, ensuring that it begins with ‘MP’ or ‘MP9’

6. Unable to obtain license for MAPublisher - No license for product (-1) 

If under License Management you are seeing Unknown/None Unlicensed, it means that you either do not have a valid license file in the directory, or the license file requires updating based on the version you have installed. To resolve this:
  • If you installed a new version of MAPublisher or Geographic Imager and are under maintenance, click Retrieve to pull the updated license file
  • If you purchased a new license, click Register and follow the steps to activate the license
  • If you changed computers, you will need to fill out a rehost form to move the license file to the new computer
For any other issues, please contact for assistance

7. License is out of date

If under License Management you are seeing Unknown/None License version too low, it means that the license you currently have is not valid for the current software you have installed (e.g. your license is for MAPublisher 10.2 and you installed 10.3).  To resolve this:
  • If you are under maintenance, you can upgrade your license by clicking ‘Retrieve’ to pull the latest license for the software you are using
  • If you do not have valid maintenance,  you will need to purchase a new license for the software version you wish to use or use the version that you are licensed for