AntiVirus Warnings (GI)

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On June 25, 2019, we released an update to Geographic Imager to correct an issue caused by changes in Adobe CS6. We have since received reports of security warnings triggered when downloading the Geographic Imager update. 
The warnings appear to be contained to one antivirus tool, SonicWall Gateway Suite. 
After extensive testing with multiple antivirus tools, we have determined the warnings to be false positives by SonicWall.
The executable was scanned locally with several industry-standard antivirus packages including Windows Defender, Symantec's Norton, Avast and AVG. None of them reported any threats. Furthermore, we scanned the file using VirusTotal, which simultaneously scans a number of other popular antivirus tools, and nothing was detected. The full scan report can be found here.
Please contact our Support team with any questions or concerns about antivirus warnings when downloading Avenza products.